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Denial Suck

I need to let this drain. It keeps sucking me. Wanting to swallow me like a pixelated pill. Something that can just swish around my stomach. Have it lay in the intestine line and keep fucking me like a bad song, the lie is in the beat. Can’t believe I let it grab hold of me like that. I was just standing there, minding my own business, when all of a sudden, you appeared. Baited me with sweet smiles and pussy-liquor. I could take more than you think.
I ended up getting fat, and not caring anymore. A sort of apathy that turns priest into monsters. I guess it depends what paper you read. “He’s not a sex junkie. He just want to get some strange.” I can’t catch a case like that. I need to get free. I need to meet the shit when I go down the drain. Keep smiling. Keep on walking. Don’t listen to the the tunes your back makes after picking up that crate for 116th time. Head down, mind high. Have a fun floating on narcotic lake.

Easy-Bake Inferno

Feeling violent today, can’t find a release. Thinks, me found my saving grace but it doesn’t act like freedom. I complain to dad. I complain to my mom. If they keep stressing the silent treatment I’ll send them a bomb. How many is left? Can I count them on my toes. Can I make these burn soles crack up like those dusty bones. So I can send them a smile. I like it here. I thinks it’s called hell. Everything is for fire-sale. I can get me something new, and smells real cute. Stop getting my ass kicked for wearing dad’s old tennis shoes. Wait a minute, this sucks. I thought selling out would be cooler than this. Hand me back my rifle, and the Lays potato chips.